Please feel free to download Clay's current show reel for your evaluation. At approximately 30 Mb, it should take 4-10 minutes to download with a broadband connection. A higher quality version is also available on CD-ROM; please contact Clay if you would like a copy sent to you.

You can also save the movie file to your hard drive before playing it, for future reference. Right-click on the link below and specify "Save link target" (Mac users: Control-click).

This demo reel is in Quicktime 6.0 (and higher) movie format.

If you are having trouble playing back the file, try these tips:
1) Play the movie again, or scrub through the movie and then replay it, as it sometimes needs to be cached into memory.
2) Try a faster system. Minimum recommended: 400 MHz, 128 Mb RAM

CG Demo Reel    [Quicktime .mov, 30 Mb]