Clay has been developing Macromedia Flash projects for over two years, both for clients and for his own personal investigation and entertainment. He is fluent in ActionScript, and enjoys coaxing original and surprising effects from the software. He is especially interested in games and interactive graphic design projects, such as web site introductions.

Clay designed and implemented the Flash introductory page for this site. (click here)

Click on the links below to see some of his other Flash design and programming work.

Crux Invaders - A whimsical, arcade-style game.

Ben Shahn - A site about the 20th century artist and activist.

Photo Log - A mock-up intro page for a photo service bureau.

Logo - A dynamic type/logo treatment.

Star Trail - An interactive amusement.

Evo - A frantic, fun game.

Traffic - A short audio-visual diversion.

Keyboard - An interactive musical instrument.