Below are some examples of software designed and written by Clay Budin. They are stored as zipped Windows executables and are to be used for demo and evaluation purposes only.

Caustics Generation Tool    [zipped exe, 97 Kb]
This tool will generate realistic shallow-water caustic light refraction effects that can be loop-animated and rendered at very high quality at any resolution. A graphical interface controls a wide variety of parameters, yielding a large number of effects.

Mass-Spring System Simulator    [zipped exe, 66 Kb]
A simple test program that demonstrates the principles of mass-spring dynamic systems found in cloth and other natural phenomena. It is controlled using the mouse and keyboard.

Splines Sampler    [zipped exe, 65 Kb]
A program which allows the investigation into various types of splines and their control parameters. It is controlled via the mouse and keyboard.

Barycentric Coordinates on Convex Polygon    [zipped exe, 67 Kb]
A program which demonstrates and explores the properties of barycentric coordinates, extended beyond triangles to convex polygons of any number of vertices.